NA 060

DIN Standards Committee Mechanical Engineering

CEN/TC 151
Construction equipment and building material machines - Safety

Standardization in the field of safety of machines and equipment used on construction sites, for winter service and highway maintenance as well as for the production and processing of mineral building materials. In exceptional cases glass machinery used outside the building material sector (e.g. laboratory glass machinery) is included. Excluded are: - Mining machinery and equipment (e.g. road headers, rock drill rigs, raise boring machines, shaft boring machines, load haul dump (LHD)), (covered by CEN/TC 196); - Cranes (covered by CEN/TC 147); - Elevating work platforms (covered by CEN/TC 98); - Building hoists (covered by CEN/TC 10 SC 1); - Industrial trucks (covered by CEN/TC 150).'

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 151

Committee ID Name
NA 060-13 FBR Steering Committee of the Section Construction equipment and building material machines