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DIN ISO 10816-21
Mechanical vibration - Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts - Part 21: Horizontal axis wind turbines with gearbox (ISO 10816-21:2015)

Title (German)

Mechanische Schwingungen - Bewertung der Schwingungen von Maschinen durch Messungen an nicht-rotierenden Teilen - Teil 21: Windenergieanlagen mit horizontaler Drehachse und Getriebe (ISO 10816-21:2015)


This part of ISO 10816 specifies the measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration of wind turbines and their components by taking measurements on non-rotating parts. It applies to horizontal axis wind turbines with mechanical gearbox and rated generator output exceeding 200 kW and the following design and operational characteristics: a) installation on supporting systems (tower and foundation) made of steel and/or concrete; b) horizontal axis rotor with several rotor blades; c) rotor bearing separate from or integrated into the gearbox; d) generators driven via gearbox; e) generators of the synchronous or asynchronous type (mostly equipped with 4-pole generator); f) generators with only a fixed pole number or which are pole-changeable for speed adjustment; g) output control by rotor blades (pitch or stall wind turbines); h) generator coupled to the power grid via converter or directly. This part of ISO 10816 recommends zones for evaluating the vibration at continuous load operation. For information an annex presents evaluation zone boundaries for onshore wind turbines which are based on vibration data from about 1 000 wind turbines with rated generator output up to 3 MW. They can be helpful in facilitating discussion between users and manufacturers. Evaluation zone boundaries for offshore wind turbines are not yet available. Although the type and implementation of broad-band vibration monitoring for wind turbines is addressed, this part of ISO 10816 does not apply to diagnostics or fault detection by condition monitoring of wind turbines. The evaluation of the balance quality of the slowly turning wind turbine rotor, which requires special measurements and analysis, is not covered by this part of ISO 10816. This part of ISO 10816 does not apply to the evaluation of torsional vibration in the drive train. This part of ISO 10816 does also not apply to acceptance measurements on gearboxes and generators in the manufacturer's test facility. Under German leadership of this project, it was possible to integrate the content of VDI 3834-1:2009-03 into this ISO in order to establish that content at international level. Since parts and the structure of the text were changed (but not the vibration reference values) the draft standard is a German version which is identical to the ISO draft standard. In the meantime, Technical Committee VDI/NALS FA 623 "Vibrations of wind turbines" has revised and expanded VDI 3834-1. The international document ISO/DIS 10816-21 "Mechanical vibration - Evaluation of machine vibration by means of non-rotating parts - Part 21: Horizontal axis wind turbines with gearbox" has been certified by the Technical Committee ISO/TC 108 "Mechanical vibration, shock and condition Monitoring" Subcommittee SC 2 "Measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration and shocks applied to machines, vehicles and structures", the secretariat of which is held by DIN. German cooperation is carried out by the Committee NA 001-03-06-02 (NALS/VDI C 6.2) "Messung und Beurteilung von Maschinenschwingungen" ("Measurement and evaluation of machine vibration") in collaboration with Committee VDI/NALS FA 623.

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