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ISO/WD TR 14837-34 2018-04-09 Mechanical vibration - Ground-borne noise and vibration arising from rail systems - Part 34: Characterizing irregularity of the running surfaces with respect to vibration excitation More  Comment 
DIN EN 00231119 2018-04-03 Guidance on data bases for human vibration More  Comment 
DIN 45689-2 2018-03-09 Acoustics - Determination of aircraft noise exposure at airports - Part 2: Evaluation and generation of additional input data for calculation - Trajectory data More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 11203/A1 2018-03-05 Acoustics - Noise emitted by machinery and equipment - Determination of emission sound pressure levels at a work station and at other specified positions from the sound power level - Amendment 1 (ISO 11203:1995/DAM 1:2018); German and English version EN ISO 11203:2009/prA1:2018 More  Comment 
ISO 11203 DAM 1 2018-02-20 Akustik - Geräuschabstrahlung von Maschinen und Geräten - Bestimmung von Emissions-Schalldruckpegeln am Arbeitsplatz und an anderen festgelegten Orten aus dem Schallleistungspegel - Änderung 1 More  Comment 
ISO/FDIS 20816-8 2018-02-08 Mechanical vibration - Measurement and evaluation of machine vibration - Part 8: Reciprocating compressor systems More  Comment 
ISO/NP TR 10687 2018-01-15 Mechanical vibration-- Description and determination of seated postures with reference to whole-body vibration More  Comment 
DIN 45657 2018-01-09 Sound level meters - Additional requirements for special measuring tasks More  Comment 
DIN ISO 21940-1 2018-01-09 Mechanical vibration - Rotor balancing - Part 1: Introduction (ISO/DIS 21940-1:2018); Text in German and English More  Comment 
DIN 8989 2018-01-03 Acoustical design for lifts More  Comment