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Number: 148

DIN EN ISO 22867 rev 2018-07-30 Forestry and gardening machinery - Vibration test code for portable hand-held machines with internal combustion engine - Vibration at the handles More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 13091-2 2018-06-21 Mechanical vibration - Vibrotactile perception thresholds for the assessment of nerve dysfunction - Part 2: Analysis and interpretation of measurements at the fingertips More  Comment 
ISO 13091-1 AMD 2 2018-06-21 Mechanische Schwingungen - Schwingungswahrnehmungsschwellen zur Beurteilung von Nervenfunktionsstörungen - Teil 1: Verfahren zur Messung an den Fingerkuppen; Änderung 2 More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 10326-2 2018-06-21 Mechanical vibration - Laboratory method for evaluating vehicle seat vibration - Part 2: Application to railway vehicles More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 2631-1 2018-06-21 Mechanical vibration and shock - Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration - Part 1: General requirements More  Comment 
ISO/IEC NP 30143 2018-05-08 Information technology - Underwater acoustic sensor network (UWASN) - Application profiles More  Comment 
ISO/WD TR 14837-34 2018-04-09 Mechanical vibration - Ground-borne noise and vibration arising from rail systems - Part 34: Characterizing irregularity of the running surfaces with respect to vibration excitation More  Comment 
ISO/CD 22867 2018-04-06 Forestry and gardening machinery - Vibration test code for portable hand-held machines with internal combustion engine - Vibration at the handles More  Comment 
DIN EN 00231119 2018-04-03 Guidance on data bases for human vibration More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 10813-2 2018-03-15 Vibration-generating machines - Guidance for selection - Part 2: Equipment for dynamic structural testing More  Comment