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DIN SPEC 45660-1
Guide for handling uncertainty in acoustics and vibration - Part 1: Uncertainty of acoustical quantities

Title (German)

Leitfaden zum Umgang mit der Unsicherheit in der Akustik und Schwingungstechnik - Teil 1: Unsicherheit akustischer Kenngrößen


Technical Report


This DIN SPEC 45660-1, in the form a Technical Report, is a guide for the determination of uncertainties of measured or predicted acoustical quantities as well as for the use of the uncertainties when comparing specified values. The consistent terminology and information provided in this document shall be taken into account during the preparation of standards in the field of acoustics, such as standards regarding noise emission, noise immission, architectural acoustics, acoustical product features and acoustical measuring instruments. This document addresses creators of sets of standards with acoustic content; it can also be used in practice for the determination of the uncertainty during measurements and calculations and checking corresponding procedures based on the variety of example cases, however. Thus, DIN SPEC 45660-1 provides a basis for action, among others, for acoustic consultants, representatives of authorities and ministries and consumers. DIN SPEC 45660-1 primarily covers aspects of quality, environmental protection, architectural acoustics and occupational safety. DIN SPEC 45660-1 is closely related to ISO/IEC Guide 98-3 "Uncertainty of measurement - Part 3: Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement (GUM: 1995)". DIN SPEC 45660-1 has been prepared by NA 001 BR-03 SO "Unsicherheit akustischer Größen" ("Uncertainty of acoustical quantities") at DIN.

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NA 001 BR-03 SO - Uncertainty of acoustical quantities  

Edition 2014-05
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