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DIN/VDI Standards Committee Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering

Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI 4100
Sound insulation between rooms in buildings - Dwellings - Assessment and proposals for enhanced sound insulation between rooms

Title (German)

Schallschutz im Hochbau - Wohnungen - Beurteilung und Vorschläge für erhöhten Schallschutz


Guideline VDI 4100 has been technically revised by Working Committee NA 001-02-03-18 AK "Überarbeitung von VDI 4100" ("Revision of VDI 4100") and has been accepted for publication by the superordinate committee NA 001-02-03 AA "Schallausbreitung und Lärmminderung in Gebäuden, in Arbeitsstätten und im Freien" ("Sound propagation and noise control in buildings and workplaces, and outdoors"). The publication has been subsequently approved by the Guideline Finalisation Committee. A significant modification with regard to version VDI 4100:2007 is that this edition takes account of reverberation time-related quantities. As a result the step from characteristics of the building element-related sound insulation value towards characteristics of the space-related sound insulation is taken. This guideline contains - in the sense of the health protection - in addition to the requirements for the sound insulation of partitions specified in DIN 4109:1989-11 - recommendations for enhanced sound insulation between rooms in the sense of privacy and higher comfort in buildings with dwellings or housing-similar rooms, which serve completely or partly as occupied rooms for people. This guideline also defines, in addition to the minimum sound insulation requirements according to the present draft of DIN 4109-1, classes of sound insulation for the planning and evaluation of enhanced sound insulation for apartment houses, one-family terrace and one-family semi-detached houses. With the classes of sound insulation between rooms described in this guideline, easy to handle decision-making tools are given to the user with whose help he in sub ranges (for example, airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation, noises from building service installations) can reach the desired, mutually co-ordinated sound insulation between rooms. VDI 4100 thus forms a basis for protection of the residents against unacceptable and disturbing noise and for agreement and guarantee of higher comfort demands between the implementing companies and the owner. This VDI guideline is directed, amongst others, at planners, architects, implementing companies, building enterprises, acoustic consultants, owners, users, investors and administrators/caretakers of houses with dwellings and similar housing areas containing the technical building equipment.

Responsible national committee

NA 001-02-03-18 UA - Revision and rewording of VDI 4100  

Edition 2012-10
Original language German , English
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