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Acoustics - Software for the calculation for workspaces - Quality assurance of software-implemented methods


This document specifies a procedure for the quality assurance of software-based calculation methods for acoustic parameters in workspaces. It is applicable to calculation methods that are used to determine parameters required for acoustic assessment based on a three-dimensional data model of the workspace, such as the sound pressure levels at workplaces on the basis of the emission characteristics of the sound sources (noise prediction), as well as the reverberation time and the speech transmission index (STI) for specified sound source and listener positions. Quality assurance in accordance with this document is an essential prerequisite for a procedure implemented in software so that it can be used to calculate the expected noise exposure levels based on emission characteristics of the intended noise-relevant equipment and thus for risk assessment as defined in TRLV-Lärm when planning a workplace. This requirement also applies in cases in which the requirements specified in the Technical Rules for Workplaces ASR for the acoustic parameters to be expected for the room are to be assessed or ensured at the planning stage.



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DIN 38457

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NA 001-02-03 AA - Sound propagation, noise control and noise reduction  

draft standard

Acoustics - Software for the calculation for workspaces - Quality assurance of software-implemented methods
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