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DIN EN 16325
Guarantees of Origin related to energy - Guarantees of Origin for Electricity; German version EN 16325:2013

Title (German)

Herkunftsnachweise bezüglich Energie - Herkunftsnachweise für Elektrizität; Deutsche Fassung EN 16325:2013


This European Standard specifies requirements for Guarantees of Origin of electricity from all energy sources. It establishes the relevant terminology and definitions and requirements for registration, issuing, transferring and cancellation in line with the European Directives on RES, Cogeneration and IEM. This standard also covers measuring methods and auditing procedures. These Guarantees of Origin may be traded and/or used for disclosure/labelling. This standard can be applied, after corresponding modifications, to heating, cooling, and gas; these modifications are not part of this standard, however. This standard is suitable for certification purposes. The responsible German mirror committee is Working Committee NA 172-00-09 AA "Energieeffizienz und Energiemanagement" ("Energy efficiency and energy management") at the Principles of Environmental Protection Standards Committee (NAGUS).

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NA 172-00-09 AA - Energy efficiency and energy management  

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