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DIN Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection


DIN's Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection (NAGUS) is responsible for interdisciplinary generic standardization in the field of environmental protection at national, European and international level. It develops standards and specifications on environmental management systems and the instruments for environmental management.
Main areas of work include the description of environmental aspects in the following areas:

  • organizations and their processes
  • environmental management / environmental auditing
  • environmental performance evaluation
  • environmental communication
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • energy efficiency and energy management
  • sustainable development in communities

and environmental aspects of products:

  • product design and development
  • life cycle assessment
  • environmental labelling
  • sustainability criteria for biomass fuels and biobased products

How is NAGUS composed?


DIN e. V.

Reiner Hager

Saatwinkler Damm 42/43
13627 Berlin

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New projects
Document number Begin Title
ISO/WD 14068 2020-02-19 Greenhouse gas management and related activities - Carbon neutrality More  Comment 
ISO/WD 37173 2020-02-07 Smart Community Infrastructures:Development Guidelines for Information-based Systems of Smart Buildings More  Comment 
DIN/TS 35807 2020-01-31 Guideline for Life Cycle Assessment according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 More  Comment 

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Current Draft Standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN ISO 14091 2020-03 Adaptation to climate change - Guidelines on vulnerability, impacts and risk assessment (ISO/DIS 14091:2019); German and English version prEN ISO 14091:2019 More  Read draft and comment
DIN EN 17480 2020-03 Algae and algae products - Methods for the determination of productivity of algae growth sites; German and English version prEN 17480:2020 More  Comment draft
DIN EN 17463 2020-02 Methodology for the Valuation of Energy Related Investments (ValERI); German and English version prEN 17463:2020 More  Read draft and comment

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Document number Edition Procedure Title
DIN ISO/TR 14073; DIN SPEC 35806:2019-01 2019-01 Technical Report Environmental management - Water footprint - Illustrative examples on how to apply ISO 14046 (ISO/TR 14073:2017); Text in German and English More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN CEN/TR 16957; DIN SPEC 35804:2018-05 2018-05 Technical Report Bio-based products - Guidelines for Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) for the End-of-life phase; German version CEN/TR 16957:2016 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN CEN ISO/TS 14027; DIN SPEC 35805:2018-04 2018-04 VN Environmental labels and declarations - Development of product category rules (ISO/TS 14027:2017); German and English version CEN ISO/TS 14027:2018 More  Order from Beuth Verlag


New standards
Document number Edition Title
DIN EN 45556 2020-03 General method for assessing the proportion of reused components in energy-related products; German version EN 45556:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
DIN EN ISO 14090 2020-02 Adaptation to climate change - Principles, requirements and guidelines (ISO 14090:2019); German version EN ISO 14090:2019 More  Order from Beuth Verlag
ISO 37156 2020-02 Smart community infrastructures - Guidelines on data exchange and sharing for smart community infrastructures More  Order from Beuth Verlag

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