NA 172

DIN Standards Committee Principles of Environmental Protection

NA 177-00-01 GA
Joint working committee NAFin/NAGUS: Sustainable and green finance and investments

NA 177-00-01 GA "Sustainable and Green Financing and Investment" was initially established in 2017 as a subcommittee and in 2019 as working committee NA 172-00-15 AA in the DIN Standards Committee "Fundamentals of Environmental Protection" (NAGUS) Secretariat to develop the topics of sustainable and green financing and investment. With the establishment of the Financial Standards Committee (NAFin) at the beginning of 2024, the committee was set up as a joint committee of NAFin and NAGUS and is managed as NA 177-00-01 GA Sustainable and Green Financing and Investment. The joint committee deals with the topic of sustainable financing and the standardisation of green financial products and investments in relation to climate change. The international work of various standardisation bodies is reflected in the NA 177-00-01 GA. This extends across the working groups of the Technical Committee "Environmental Management" (ISO/TC 207) that deal with "green finance" and the entirety of the working areas of ISO/TC 322 "Sustainable Finance". ISO/TC 322 was established in 2018 at the request of the British Standards Institute (BSI). The work programme of ISO/TC 322 is designed to promote the integration of sustainability considerations and ESG issues into institutional investment decision-making and financial management. The ISO/TC 322 strategy, revised in 2023, is available on the ISO website. In 2022, ISO/TC 322 Sustainable Finance reached its first milestone with the publication of ISO 32210 Sustainable finance - Guidance on the application of sustainability principles for organisations in the financial sector, the first basic standard for the sector. This lays the foundation for the three main activities of ISO/TC 322: 1) the definition of principles and framework standards, 2) a series of technical standards based on these, and 3) the harmonisation of terms in the field of sustainable finance. If you are interested in participating in standardisation in the field of sustainable finance, please contact the office of the DIN Standards Committee Finance!


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