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DIN EN ISO 11810
Lasers and laser-related equipment - Test method and classification for the laser resistance of surgical drapes and/or patient protective covers - Primary ignition, penetration, flame spread and secondary ignition (ISO 11810:2015); German version EN ISO 11810:2015

Title (German)

Laser und Laseranlagen - Prüfverfahren und Einstufung zur Laserresistenz von Operationstüchern und/oder anderen Abdeckungen zum Schutz des Patienten - Primäre Entzündung, Laserdurchstrahlung und sekundäre Entzündung (ISO 11810:2015); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 11810:2015


This standard is applicable to disposable and reusable, as well as woven and non-woven materials used as surgical drapes and other patient-protective covers which claim to be laser-resistant. Some laser applications in medicine can require laser-resistant surgical drapes or other patient protective covers. Some medical laser applications may require laser radiation resistant surgical drapes or other covers to protect the patient from fluids, secretions and inadvertent laser radiation. Laser induced risks include ignition, flammability, melting, penetration, thermal transfer and reflectivity. While conventional surgical drapes or other patient-protective covers are not necessarily laser-resistant, specifically designed surgical drapes offer the possibility of laser resistance. The test procedure described in this standard can be used to assess the laser induced flammability properties of non-laser resistant items. The purpose of this standard is to provide a standardized method for testing and classifying surgical drapes and other patient-protective covers with respect to laser-induced hazards. An appropriate classification system is given. It is not the purpose of this standard to serve as a general fire safety specification, and as such, this standard does not cover other sources of ignition. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 027-01-18 AA "Laser" ("Laser") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 027-01-18-04 GAK - Joint working group DKE/NAFuO: Lasers used in medicine  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 123 - Lasers and photonics  

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