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Number: 220

DIN EN 137 rev 2022-09-29 Atemschutzgeräte - Behältergeräte mit Druckluft (Pressluftatmer) mit Vollmaske - Anforderungen, Prüfung, Kennzeichnung More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 16955 2022-09-27 Prosthetics - Quantification of physical parameters of ankle foot devices and foot units More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 18214 2022-09-26 Jewellery and precious metals - Determination of 999 ‰ gold, silver, platinum and palladium - Difference method using SPARK-OES More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 7206-1 2022-09-21 Implants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses - Part 1: Classification and designation of dimensions More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 7207-2 2022-09-21 Implants for surgery - Components for partial and total knee joint prostheses - Part 2: Articulating surfaces made of metal, ceramic and plastics materials More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 18993 2022-09-21 Implants for surgery - Method of wear measurement of joint prostheses components More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 7206-12 2022-09-21 Implants for surgery - Partial and total hip joint prostheses - Part 12: Deformation test method for acetabular shells More  Comment 
DIN ISO 9211-4 2022-09-08 Optics and photonics - Optical coatings - Part 4: Specific test methods: abrasion, adhesion and resistance to water (ISO 9211-4:2022); Text in German and English More  Comment 
DIN/TS 58601 2022-08-29 Respiratory protechtive devices - Filter breathing protection systems for the German fire brigades - Requiremments, testing and marking More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 10713 2022-07-25 Jewellery - Gold alloy coatings More  Comment