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DIN SPEC 91328
Resource-saving application of methods and tools for the anthropocentric design of effective interactive IT systems

Title (German)

Ressourcenschonende Anwendung von Methoden und Werkzeugen zur menschenzentrierten Gestaltung gebrauchstauglicher interaktiver IT-Systeme




This DIN SPEC has been prepared by a workshop (temporary committee) in the course of the PAS procedure. This DIN SPEC has been prepared and adopted by the authors named in the foreword. This DIN SPEC provides recommendations for procedures and techniques for the anthropocentric design of interactive IT systems, taking into account company-specific and situational requirements as well as different resource and competence configurations in small and medium-sized enterprises. The recommendations of this DIN SPEC on concretizations of procedures and techniques are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises that want to learn about methods and tools for anthropocentric design of interactive systems. The contents of the DIN SPEC are applicable across all industries and are to be understood as a guideline.

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Edition 2016-02
Original language German
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