NA 023

DIN Standards Committee Ergonomics

NA 023-00-07 AA
Ageing Societies

The Committee NA 023-00-07 AA “Ageing Societies” mirrors the work of ISO/TC 314 "Ageing Societies" on the national level. ISO/TC 314 was set up in 2017 as a result of increased life expectancy, aged societies have emerged in many countries. Whilst the increased ageing of society presents a number of challenges, such as increased pressure on health and social services, there are opportunities that will allow people to effectively manage their long-term care, and live an independent life of high quality for a sustained period. If there is to be a move away from traditional models of supporting our ageing societies, then innovation will be needed to drive changes. These include, for example, guidelines for the integration of older workers, the design of dementia-friendly communities and the compatibility of care and work. Standards provide a way of setting out the principles for new products, services and solutions that will meet the future needs of our ageing societies in a new environment.


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