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DIN EN 12828
Heating systems in buildings - Design for water-based heating systems; German version EN 12828:2012+A1:2014

Title (German)

Heizungsanlagen in Gebäuden - Planung von Warmwasser-Heizungsanlagen; Deutsche Fassung EN 12828:2012+A1:2014


This European Standard specifies design criteria for water based heating systems in buildings with a maximum operating temperature of up to 105 °C. This standard covers the design of: heat supply systems, heat distribution systems, heat emission systems, control systems, and takes into account heating requirements of attached systems (for example domestic hot water, process heat, air conditioning, ventilation, etcetera) in the design of a heat supply, but does not cover the design of these systems. EN 12828 does not amend product standards or product installation requirements. For some of the measures laid down in EN 12828, stricter statutory provisions have been laid down in German laws such as the Energieeinsparverordnung (EnEV) (German Energy Saving Ordinance). These measures deal with central control, local control, timing control and thermal insulation. This revision of the previous edition became necessary in order to omit restrictions concerning additional safety requirements for systems larger than 1 MW, amongst others; to revise and clarify requirements concerning safety arrangements; to add an informative annex for safety valves; to revise the guidance for dimensioning diaphragm expansion vessels (sealed systems); to add a specification for the water used; to revise statements concerning the pressure maintaining control device. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 041-01-58 AA "Heizungsanlagen in Gebäuden (SpA CEN/TC 228)" ("Heating systems in buildings (mirror committee for CEN/TC 228)") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 041-05-01 AA - Design and energy performance of heating systems and water based cooling systems and DHW in buildings  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 228 - Heating systems and water based cooling systems in buildings  

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