NA 041

DIN Standards Committee Heating and Ventilation Technology and their Safety

NA 041-05-01 AA
Design and energy performance of heating systems and water based cooling systems and DHW in buildings

The committee NA 041-05-01 AA is responsible for the standardization in the field of heating systems and water based cooling systems and DHW in buildings. This includes especially: Design Installation and commissioning operating, maintenance and repair instructions Calculation methods for the energy performance including consideration of Economy, environmental impact and labeling. The committee coordinates its tasks with the DIN Standards committees for Building (NABau) and ndards Committee Lighting Technology (FNL) as well as with all other relevant fields of buildings and buildings' technical equipment.

Subordinate Committees of NA 041-05-01 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 041-05-01-01 AK Testing standard for heating and cooling surfaces 0
NA 041-05-01-02 AK -dormant Inspection of heating systems 0
NA 041-05-01-03 AK Simplified method for calculation of heat load 0
NA 041-05-01-04 AK -dormant EN 14336 - Installation and commissioning of water-based heating systems 0
NA 041-05-01-05 AK -dormant Calculation of infiltration within the scope of heat load 0
NA 041-05-01-06 AK Dimensioning of hot drinking water 0


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