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DIN 5157
Sets of taps - Sets of 2 taps for pipe threads G 1/16 to G 4 and Rp 1/16 to Rp 4

Title (German)

Satzgewindebohrer - Zweiteiliger Satz für Rohrgewinde G 1/16 bis G 4 und Rp 1/16 bis Rp 4


The standard applies to inserts in sets of 2 taps consisting of first tap and bottoming tap used for producing internal pipe threads where pressure-tight joints are not made on the threads (symbol G) according to DIN EN ISO 228-1 and Whitworth pipe threads for threaded pipes and fittings (symbol Rp) according to DIN EN 10226-1. Machine taps in accordance with this standard are not suitable for Whitworth pipe threads for pipe unions according to DIN 3858. Information about the amended designation of the high-speed steel groups in accordance with DIN ISO 11054 is given in connection with the technical delivery conditions according to DIN 2197. DIN 5157 has been prepared by Working Committee NA 121-01-04 AA "Gewindebohrer und Schneideisen" ("Taps and dies").

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NA 121-01-04 AA - Taps and dies  

Edition 2011-07
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