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Documents withdrawn without replacement of NA 121

Number: 7

DIN ISO 9285 2021-02-28 Abrasive grains and crude - Chemical analysis of fused aluminium oxide (ISO 9285:1997) More  Comment 
DIN ISO 16915 2021-02-28 Tools for moulding - Sprue pullers (ISO 16915:2003) More  Comment 
DIN 69864 2021-03-31 Hub flanges for double conical grinding wheels for portable grinding machines; dimensions More  Comment 
DIN ISO 10073 2021-02-28 Tools for moulding - Support pillars (ISO 10073:2008) More  Comment 
DIN ISO 10907-1 2021-02-28 Tools for moulding - Locating rings - Part 1: Locating rings for mounting without thermal insulating sheets in small or medium moulds (types A and B) (ISO 10907-1:2008) More  Comment 
DIN 8099-2 2021-04-30 Sleeved tube drawing mandrels More  Comment 
DIN 8099-1 2021-04-30 Brazed tube drawing mandrels More  Comment