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DIN Standards Committee Tools and Clamping Devices

DIN 1866 [CURRENT] references following documents:

Document number Edition Title
DIN EN 20273 1992-02 Fasteners; clearance holes for bolts and screws (ISO 273:1979); german version EN 20273:1991 More 
DIN 332-1 1986-04 60° centre holes; types R, A, B, and C More 
DIN 336 2003-07 Diameters of drills for minor diameters of tapped threads More 
DIN 1867 2007-12 Countersinks 90°, with Morse taper shank and detachable pilot More 
DIN 1868 1975-08 Detachable Pilots for Counterbores and Countersinks More 
DIN 373 2007-12 Counterbores with parallel shank and solid pilot More 
DIN 375 2007-12 Counterbores with Morse taper shank and detachable pilot More