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DIN Standards Committee Refrigeration Technology


Lubricants - Refrigerator oils - Part 2: Used refrigerator oils


This document is applicable for used refrigerator oils which belong to the groups KA, with KAA and KAB, and KC, KD and KE according to DIN 51503-1. The criteria for these used refrigeration machine oils relate to the use of these oils in open, semi-hermetic and fully hermetic refrigeration compressors. This standard establishes criteria for evaluating used refrigeration machine oils, taking these factors into account. NOTE In the case of refrigerating machine oils containing active substances, difficulties may arise with regard to the interpretation of individual results.



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DIN 51503-2

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NA 044-00-09 GA - Joint working committee FNKä/FAM: refrigeration lubricants  

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Lubricants - Refrigerator oils - Part 2: Used refrigerator oils

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