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DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 33404-3
Danger signals - Auditory danger signals - Part 3: Unified emergency signal

Title (German)

Gefahrensignale - Akustische Gefahrensignale - Teil 3: Einheitliches Notfallsignal


This document defines the requirements, in particular the auditory parameters, for a unified auditory emergency signal. As a signal with the highest priority, this auditory emergency signal indicates an incipient or existing hazardous situation to all persons in the signal reception area. This does not affect the alerting of persons to combat risks (rescue forces). This document has been prepared by Working Group NA 031-02-01-14 AK "Signalgeber - SpA zu CEN/TC 72/WG 3" ("Signal generators - mirror committee to CEN/TC 72/WG 3") of Working Committee NA 031-02-01 AA "Brandmelde- und Feueralarmanlagen - SpA zu CEN/TC 72 und ISO/TC 21/SC 3" ("Fire detection and fire alarm systems - mirror committee to CEN/TC 72 and ISO/TC 21/SC 3)") of DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection (FNFW).

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NA 031-02-14 AA - Alarm devices - mirror committee of CEN/TC 72/WG 3  

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