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DIN 14822-2
Coupling spanner for fire fighting fittings - Part 2: Coupling spanner type ABC

Title (German)

Kupplungsschlüssel für Feuerwehrarmaturen - Teil 2: Kupplungsschlüssel ABC


Coupling spanner type ABC facilitates the coupling of A, B and C pressure and suction hoses and their connection to pumps and fittings. It is also suitable for opening and closing foam liquid containers in accordance with DIN 14452. The standard specifies their dimensions, requirements, designation and marking. It also specifies the quenched and tempered steel (St) version of the coupling spanner. Compared with the previous edition of DIN 14822-2, published in April 1979, the main changes are that the colour specifications have been omitted, the material standards cited have been updated and the marking has been revised. DIN committee NA 031-04-04 AA "Schläuche und Armaturen - SpA zu CEN/TC 192/WG 1 und WG 8" ("Hoses and armatures - Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 1 and WG 8") is responsible for this standard.

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Responsible national committee

NA 031-04-04 AA - Hoses and Fittings - mirror committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 1 and WG 8  

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