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DIN 14881
Tool-box for fire-brigades

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A tool-box for fire-brigades contains the tools frequently used for the treatment of wood, metal and stone for fire-fighting purposes as well as the means necessary to perform simple installation works. Regarding the equipment, standardized tools have been chosen where possible. The standard points out that, in case of possibly available spatial and dimensional reserves, the equipment of the boxes may be supplemented as desired. The following reasons are given for the modification of the previous edition DIN 14881 of February 2005: - these boxes are not produced from wood, therefore, the wooden design version has been deleted; - the dividers are specified in the relevant individual standards for fire equipment boxes; - in the future, a permanently installed divider for most fire equipment boxes will be possible in addition to a variable divider. Therefore, this standard edition represents a consolidated version of the standard into which all modifications have been incorporated. This standard differs from DIN 14881:2005-02 as follows: a) the wooden design version has been deleted; b) the requirements for dividers in 6.1 have been revised; c) marking has been revised; d) the standard has been editorially revised. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 031-04-09 AA "Sonstige Ausrüstung - SpA zu CEN/TC 192/WG 5" ("Other equipment - mirror committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 5") at DIN.

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NA 031-04-09 AA - Other equipment - mirror committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 5  

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