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DIN EN 1846-2
Firefighting and rescue service vehicles - Part 2: Common requirements - Safety and performance; German version EN 1846-2:2009+A1:2013

Title (German)

Feuerwehrfahrzeuge - Teil 2: Allgemeine Anforderungen - Sicherheit und Leistung; Deutsche Fassung EN 1846-2:2009+A1:2013


The consolidated new edition of the standard contains the German version of Amendment 1 to EN 1846-2:2009 which has been prepared by the European Working Group CEN/TC 192/WG 3 "Firefighting and rescue service vehicles" (secretariat: UNM, France) at Technical Committee CEN/TC 192 "Fire service equipment" (secretariat: BSI, Great Britain) of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). The collaboration of DIN at the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) for the field of responsibility of Working Group CEN/TC 192/WG 3 "Firefighting and rescue service vehicles" is performed though Working Committee NA 031-04-06 AA "Allgemeine Anforderungen an Feuerwehrfahrzeuge - Löschfahrzeuge - SpA zu CEN/TC 192/WG 3" ("General requirements for fire service vehicles - Fire fighting vehicles - Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 3"). The amendment of the published standard EN 1846-2:2009 has become necessary due to the following reasons: - adaptation of the requirements by tightening the limit values for emissions in accordance with EURO VI; - specification of the requirements for clear determination. The modification of the standard was carried out under the Unique Acceptance Procedure (UAP). The UAP connects the draft phase with the formal vote. As the European voting result was positive, the result and the proposed dates for the availability and takeover were announced without an additional separate distribution of the text. The acceptance of the result is classified as official ratification and is published with change marks as consolidated new edition of the standard. This standard differs from DIN EN 1846-2:2010-01 as follows: a) information has been added that a warning sign is to be placed close to the hot parts of readily accessible elements of the exhaust system if the temperature requirement cannot be fulfilled, and a warning advice is now to be included in the instruction handbook; b) in "Static stability", a note has been included regarding the static tilt angles values for hydraulic platforms and for turntable ladders; c) the verification for cabins of category 3 vehicles fitted with a roll over or tip-over protective structure (ROPS) has been modified; d) requirements for vehicle doors have been revised; e) "Access to crew compartments" and "Access to the roof and working platforms" have been completely revised; f) "Design of the roof and working platforms for access purposes if applicable" has been revised; g) the connection of the external power supply has been revised; h) the former Annex ZA referring to EU Directive 98/37/EC - which is no longer valid - has been deleted; i) the standard has been editorially revised.

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Responsible national committee

NA 031-04-06 AA - General rquirements for firefighting vehicles - fire trucks - mirror committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 3  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 192/WG 3 - Firefighting and rescue service vehicles  

Edition 2013-05
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