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DIN 14034-6
Graphical symbols for fire-brigade - Part 6: Equipments in buildings

Title (German)

Graphische Symbole für das Feuerwehrwesen - Teil 6: Bauliche Einrichtungen


This standard specifies graphical symbols applied for fire fighting purposes, for example, in ground plans or operational plans for fire brigade use, for representation of facilities present on properties or in buildings or premises. They also serve as an indication of certain characteristics of building parts. The new edition of the standard has become necessary to incorporate the previous modifications of the standards DIN 14034-6/A1:2011-04 and DIN 14034-6/A2:2012-03 into this consolidated new edition after the work on the third amendment of the standard DIN 14034-6/A3 has been completed. Therefore the following modifications have been made with respect to DIN 14034-6:2005-11, DIN 14034-6/A1:2011-04 and DIN 14034-6/A2:2012-03 have been made: a) DIN 14034-6/A1:2011-04 and DIN 14034-6/A2:2012-03 have been incorporated, that is, the designations of the symbol meanings have been rendered more precisely for the staircases, the symbol for the safety staircase has been included, the symbol for the stationary fire extinguishing facility with a stationary monitor has been designed more clearly and symbols for the operable fabric curtain and the fire brigade access lock have been included; b) main water tap has been included; c) normative references to DIN 4844-2, Safety identification - Part 2: Overview of safety signs and DIN 30600, Graphical symbols - Registration, designation, have been deleted; d) content of the standard including the Bibliography have been editorially revised. The graphical symbols contained in this standard partially have a registration number in accordance with DIN 30600, Graphical symbols - Registration, designation. DIN 30600 has been withdrawn without any replacement in March 1999, however. The central coordination of the graphical symbol standardization has been discontinued at DIN so registration numbers in accordance with DIN 30600 are no longer contained in this document. New graphical symbols which will in the future be developed exclusively under the responsibility of the standards committees do not contain registration numbers in accordance with DIN 30600, but can only be registered and internationally coordinated at ISO/TC 145/SC 3 "Graphical symbols for use on equipment". Then they will receive a registration number in accordance with ISO 7000. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 031-04-01 AA "Begriffe und Bildzeichen" ("Terms and pictograms") at DIN.

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NA 031-04-01 AA - Terms and Symbols  

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