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DIN 14462
Water conduit for fire extinguishing - Planning, installation, operation and maintenance of fire hose systems and pillar fire hydrant and underground fire systems

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Löschwassereinrichtungen - Planung, Einbau, Betrieb und Instandhaltung von Wandhydrantenanlagen sowie Anlagen mit Über- und Unterflurhydranten


This standard has been prepared by Working Committee "Anlagen zur Löschwasserversorgung einschließlich Wandhydranten" ("Installations for supply of water for firefighting including hose systems") (NA 031-03-05 AA) of the Firefighting and Fire Protection Standards Committee (FNFW) at DIN. The standard is directed at planners, manufacturers, operators and maintenance personnel of fire hose systems, including a firefighting water connecting point in accordance with DIN 1988-600, water systems for fire extinguishing using non-drinking water, water systems for fire extinguishing "dry" as well as pillar fire hydrant and underground fire systems found in areas not open to the public. Regarding the new design of the DIN 1988 standard series and EN 806, essential clauses have been newly structured and terms and definitions unified. In order to fulfil the requirements of the Drinking Water Directive, it has been considered that Type F fire hose systems shall not be connected to drinking water installations without a suitable protection unit. Furthermore, planning guidelines that were contained thus far in individual product standards of the DIN 14461 standard series and DIN 14463 have been transferred to this standard. The planning bases will be taken out of these standards during the next revision of the respective product standards. Water systems for firefighting are installations of preventative fire protection and are not for household use (see DIN EN 1717). They serve for saving and protecting persons and fire fighting. They carry drinking or non-drinking water in their pipelines. When directly connected to the drinking water network, they are subject to certain hygienic requirements in order to avoid loss of drinking water quality. Fire hose systems (see DIN EN 671-1 and DIN EN 671-2) or pillar fire hydrants and underground fire systems (see DIN EN 14384 and DIN EN 14339) are construction products in accordance with the European Directive on Construction Products 89/106/EEC and are subject to certain requirements that are taken into consideration in this standard.

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NA 031-03-05 AA - Systems to supply water for fire fighting - mirror committee of CEN/TC 191/WG 9  

Edition 2012-09
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