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DIN EN 1846-1
Fire fighting and rescue service vehicles - Part 1: Nomenclature and designation; German version EN 1846-1:2011

Title (German)

Feuerwehrfahrzeuge - Teil 1: Nomenklatur und Bezeichnung; Deutsche Fassung EN 1846-1:2011


This part of the DIN EN 1846 standard series defines classes and categories which are functions of the use and mass of the vehicles. It also comprises definitions of the types of vehicles and a vehicle designation by allocating every firefighting and rescue service vehicle with its main characteristics by a serial number and letter which may be used in invitations to tender within Europe. This designation system specifies various criteria used for characterizing the vehicles. Especially the newly specified limits of mass classes and urban categories of vehicles form the basis of the specific safety and performance requirements in Part 2 of DIN EN 1846. The following modifications have been made with respect to DIN EN 1846-1:1998-02: a) terms have been newly subdivided, partly reworded and terms for types of firefighting and rescue service vehicles according to the former subclauses 6.1 to 6.9 have been added with editorial changes; b) the term "vehicle mass class" has been renamed "mass class"; c) the term "swap body" has been omitted and the definition of the term "hydraulic platform" has been adopted to DIN EN 1777; d) the gross laden mass (GLM) of class L (light) is at least 3 t; e) the gross laden mass (GLM) of class M (medium) is 16 t maximum; f) the gross laden mass (GLM) of mass of class S (super) is more than 16 t; g) a description for subdivision of category 2 (rural) with regard to limited off-road capabilities or with off-road capabilities has been added and all categories have been supplemented by information regarding the common type of drive; h) all normative references have been omitted and have been incorporated in the Bibliography; i) reference to ISO 3883:1977 has been omitted; j) vehicle designation has been significantly simplified; k) content of the standard has been editorially revised. The European Standard has been prepared by Working Group CEN/TC 192/WG 3 "Firefighting and rescue service vehicles" (secretariat: UNM, France) at Technical Committee CEN/TC 192 "Fire service equipment" (secretariat: BSI, Great Britain). The Committee responsible for this standard is NA 031-04-06 "Allgemeine Anforderungen an Feuerwehrfahrzeuge - SpA zu CEN/TC 192/WG 3") ("General requirements for firefighting and rescue service vehicles - Fire fighting vehicles - Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 3") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 031-04-06 AA - General rquirements for firefighting vehicles - fire trucks - mirror committee of CEN/TC 192/WG 3  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 192/WG 3 - Firefighting and rescue service vehicles  

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