NA 031

DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection

NA 031-04-02 AA
Constructional facilities and equipment

Scope of work

The working committee deals with the standardisation of structural systems and facilities of the fire brigade as well as with the standardisation of organisational fire protection. Overview of the main standardisation topics of the committee to date:

  • Areas for the fire brigade on premises DIN 14090;
  • Fire stations DIN 14092 series of standards;
  • Breathing apparatus training facilities DIN 14093;
  • Emergency ladder systems DIN 14094 series of standards;
  • Fire brigade plans DIN 14095;
  • Fire precaution regulations DIN 14096;
  • Fire training facilities standards series DIN 14097.
The standardisation of preventive fire protection does not belong to the field of work of NA 031-04-02 AA. This is done in the DIN Standards Committee for Construction (NABau).

The most important objective of the standardisation work is to enable architects, planners, builders, fire brigades and administrations to plan structural installations and facilities with reference to the fire brigade in a professional and safe manner by means of uniform specifications and to ensure, for example, a fast, unambiguous recording of fire brigade plans and fire protection regulations by their users.

Subordinate Committees of NA 031-04-02 AA

Committee ID Name Sub-committees
NA 031-04-02-01 AK -dormant Fire safety regulations DIN 14096 0
NA 031-04-02-03 AK -dormant Revision of DIN 14092 - Fire stations 0
NA 031-04-02-04 AK -dormant Breathing exercise equipment - DIN 14093-1 0
NA 031-04-02-05 AK -dormant Escape ladder installations DIN 14094 0


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