NA 031

DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection

NA 031-04 FBR
Section Committee Fire and Rescue Service Equipment - Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 192

Scope of work

The technical committee coordinates and controls the standardisation work in the field of equipment for the fire service.

Overview of the main standardisation topics of Section 4 and the corresponding standards committees:

  • Terms and symbols (NA 031-04-01 AA);
  • Structural plant and equipment (NA 031-04-02 AA);
  • Personal protective equipment for firefighters (NA 031-04-03 AA);
  • Hoses and fittings (NA 031-04-04 AA);
  • Fire pumps (NA 031-04-05 AA);
  • fire engines (NA 031-04-06 AA, NA 031-04-07 AA, NA 031-04-08 AA);
  • Other equipment (NA 031-04-09 AA);
  • Rescue equipment (NA 031-04-10 AA).
The objectives for the standardisation work are, among other things, to ensure the safe and compatible use of all firefighting equipment by specifying requirements and tests, and to ensure the extinguishing effectiveness of firefighting equipment in relation to the respective fire operations by specifying requirements and tests. The standardisation work also contributes to preventing environmental damage, protecting people, animals and property from harm and thus averting greater economic damage.

Firefighting equipment standards are needed for, among other things:
  • Industry for design, manufacture and sale;
  • Federal States to promote generally accepted firefighting technology through grants;
  • Fire service for procurement/tendering, training and deployment;
  • Accident prevention;
  • Acceptance for testing;
  • building authorities for planning (e.g. fire stations).
The Technical Committee and its working committees mirror the work of CEN/TC 192 "Equipment for firefighters". The majority of standards in CEN/TC 192 are developed as harmonised standards within the framework of the EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). For firefighters' helmets/personal protective equipment, the European PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 applies.

In addition, the FNFW Technical Committee 4 is in charge of the projects of ISO/TC 21/SC 6/WG 8 "Vehicle mounted compressed air foam systems", ISO/TC 92/WG 13 "Fire safety - Statistical data collection" and partly of ISO/TC 8/SC 1/WG 3 "Fire protection" as well as ISO/TC 45/SC 1 "Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies".

The national level will continue to be of great importance in fire equipment.


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