NA 031

DIN Standards Committee Firefighting and Fire Protection

NA 031-04-01 AA
Terms and Symbols

Scope of work

The working committee is primarily concerned with the standardisation of fire service terms and pictorial symbols. Overview of the main standardisation topics of the committee so far:

  • Fire service terms (DIN 14011) and term standard series ISO 8421;
  • statistical recording of fires (DIN 14010) and fire statistics standard series (ISO/DIS 17755-2 and ISO TR 23069);
  • Information signs for fire brigade (DIN 4063, DIN 4066) or vehicle roof signs (DIN 14035);
  • abbreviations for fire brigade (DIN 14033);
  • Graphic symbols for or fire brigade in DIN 14034-6 and DIN CEN/TS 15989 (DIN SPEC 14003).
The most important goal of the standardisation work is to support uniform training through the uniform definition of terms and graphic symbols and also evaluation of fire brigade work through fire statistics, as well as to ensure fast, unambiguous recording of fire brigade signs, plans and operating elements/displays on equipment.


DIN-Normenausschuss Feuerwehrwesen (FNFW)
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