Medium-sized companies

How do I take part?

Take advantage of standards and specifications!

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To be successful, export-oriented small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) need to include standardization in their company strategies. Those who take part in standards work help shape the results of that work, and gain a knowledge lead as well as a competitive edge. At the same time, standardization is a catalyst for innovation. The use of uniform technical standards helps remove barriers to trade and opens up markets - in Europe and throughout the world.

Standards and specifications

  • create trust through a uniform language
  • provide orientation and investment security for topics for the future, such as artificial intelligence or the circular economy.
  • help save costs
  • can be actively developed by all companies, large or small.

Developing standards - Isn't that costly for my company?

Standards and specifications are set by industry experts themselves. At DIN, the market rules for new products and services can be defined at an early stage. Participating in DIN’s work enables a direct exchange of information with experts from other interest groups - this is particularly important for the complex issues of the future. In this way, you achieve a knowledge lead over competitors.

And: Innovations that are accompanied by standardization have a higher chance of succeeding in the market - nationally, within Europe and internationally.

Participation pays off! The effort for your company is manageable: With as few as 5 to 8 days per person per year you can be represented in national and international committees.

Where can I get more information?

DIN’S SME Commission (KOMMIT) provides information for newcomers to standardization. The event series "Open up new markets - Aiming high with standards and specifications!" (in German) offers insights into future topics and explains how they can be used strategically and successfully with standards and specifications.

You can contact KOMMIT directly. Your contact partner: Alexandra Horn


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DIN is a partner for SMEs

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DIN is the independent platform for standardization in Germany and worldwide.

As a long-standing partner of industry, research and society, we support small and medium-sized enterprises to successfully help shape technical rules.

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Standardization takes place among equals:

It is not the size of an organization that decides, but the common consensus. This also applies to the major topics of the future such as artificial intelligence, the circular economy or IT security.

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Bei DIN wird Ihr Unternehmen Teil eines Netzwerks aus rund 35.500 Experten aus Wirtschaft und Forschung, von Verbraucherseite oder der öffentlichen Hand. Alle bringen ihr Fachwissen in den Normungsprozess ein. DIN steuert diesen Prozess als privatwirtschaftlich organisierter Projektmanager.