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Small craft - Electrical systems - Alternating and direct current installations (ISO 13297:2020); German version EN ISO 13297:2021/A11:2023


This document specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture, and installation of the following types of DC and AC electrical systems, either individually or in combination, installed in the watercraft: (a) low voltage direct current (DC )electrical systems operating at rated potentials up to DC 50 V; (b) single-phase alternating current (AC )systems operating at a voltage not exceeding AC 250 V. This document does not apply to: electrical drive systems with direct current less than 1 500 V DC, single-phase alternating current up to 1 000 V AC, and three-phase alternating current up to 1 000 V AC, which are covered in ISO 16315; Conductors that are part of an outboard motor installation and do not extend beyond the hood supplied by the outboard motor manufacturer; Three-phase AC installations operating at a rated voltage not exceeding 500 V AC and covered in IEC 60092 507.





Planned document number

DIN EN ISO 13297/A11

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 132-08-01-10 AK - Electrical equipment  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 464 - Small Craft  

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