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DIN CEN ISO/TS 80004-8; DIN SPEC 52400-8:2015-07
Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 8: Nanomanufacturing processes (ISO/TS 80004-8:2013); German version CEN ISO/TS 80004-8:2015

Title (German)

Nanotechnologien - Fachwörterverzeichnis - Teil 8: Industrieller Nanoherstellungsprozess (ISO/TS 80004-8:2013); Deutsche Fassung CEN ISO/TS 80004-8:2015




This document (ISO/TS 80004-8:2013 has been prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 229 "Nanotechnologies", the secretariat of which is held by BSI (United Kingdom) and adopted as CEN ISO/TS 80004-8:2015 by Technical Committee CEN/TC 352, the secretariat of which is held by AFNOR (France). The German body responsible for this standard is Subcommittee NA 062-08-17-01 UA "Terminologie" ("Terminology") of DIN Working Committee NA 062-08-17 AA "Nanotechnologien" ("Nanotechnologies") at Standards Committee Materials Testing (NMP) at DIN. This Technical Specification gives terms and definitions related to nanomanufacturing processes in the field of nanotechnologies. It forms one part of multi-part terminology and definitions documentation covering the different aspects of nanotechnologies. All the process terms in this document are relevant to nanomanufacturing. Many of the listed processes are not exclusively relevant to the nanoscale. Depending on controllable conditions, such processes may result in material features at the nanoscale or, alternatively, larger scales. There are many other terms that name tools, components, materials, systems control methods or metrology methods associated with nanomanufacturing that are beyond the scope of this document.

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Responsible national committee

NA 062-08-17 AA - Nanotechnologies 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 352 - Nanotechnologies 

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 229/JWG 1 - Terminology and nomenclature 

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