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DIN SPEC 91300-4
Guide for the development of a business model for home related services - Part 4: Financing models

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Leitfaden für den Aufbau eines Geschäftsmodells für wohnbegleitende Dienstleistungen - Teil 4: Finanzierungsmodelle




The DIN SPEC 91300 series provides guidelines for the development of a business model for an organization with the business objective of arranging and providing home related services. Part 4 defines and describes the financing models potentially applicable for the business model. This DIN Specification has been initiated from the research project "Standards für wohnungsbegleitende Dienstleistungen im Kontext des demografischen Wandels und der Potenziale der Mikrosystemtechnik - STADIWAMI" ("Specifications for home services in the context of demographic change and the potential for microsystem technology - STADIWAMI"). The project (project number: 01FC08013 - 01FC08018, 01FC10006) is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in the framework of the initiative "Technologie und Dienstleistungen im demografischen Wandel" ("Technology and services in demographic change").

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Edition 2012-12
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