Environmental and infrastructure services

Environmental and infrastructure services

  • Power supply
  • Water supply
  • Wastewater treatment and disposal
  • Waste collection, treatment, disposal and reclamation
  • Other forms of treatment and disposal such as environmental remediation activities
  • Public administration, defence, social security
  • Other personal services

The area of environmental services is growing rapidly. They combine the efficient use of resources with economic efficiency, and contribute greatly to sustainable solutions regarding the consumption of energy and water, for example. Environmental protection is unthinkable without environmental services, while at the same time it creates numerous jobs and new perspectives. The "green market" - whether in terms of energy efficiency, recycling or water management - is a growing market. New technologies and intelligent services are helping us deal more efficiently with energy and other raw materials.

Infrastructure services are largely found in the public sector. These include the making, interpreting and enactment of laws and regulations, and other forms of public administration such as defense, civil security and civil order, immigration and the administration of other governmental programmes. This area also includes the supply of power and water, as well as waste disposal and related activities.

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