Structure of Standardization Committees

Number: 9

International standardization and national mirror committee

Special offshore structures and support vessels ISO/TC 8/WG 3 Secretariat: DIN
ISO/TC 20 Aircraft and space vehicles Secretariat: ANSI
Air cargo and ground equipment ISO/TC 20/SC 9 Secretariat: AFNOR
ISO/TC 34 Food products Secretariat: AFNOR
Management systems for food safety ISO/TC 34/SC 17 Secretariat: DS
ISO/TC 51 Pallets for unit load method of materials handling Secretariat: BSI
Methods of test for pallets ISO/TC 51/WG 2 Secretariat: KATS
Pallets with superstructure and wheeled pallets ISO/TC 51/WG 8 Secretariat: KATS
ISO/TC 94 Personal safety - Personal protective equipment Secretariat: SA
Protective clothing ISO/TC 94/SC 13 Secretariat: SNV
ISO/TC 122 Packaging Secretariat: JISC
Terminology and vocabulary ISO/TC 122/WG 5 Secretariat: ANSI
Returnable Transport System ISO/TC 122/WG 13 Secretariat: JISC
Performance requirements and tests for means of packaging, packages and unit loads (as required by ISO/TC 122) ISO/TC 122/SC 3 Secretariat: BSI
Transport packages for dangerous goods ISO/TC 122/SC 3/WG 8
Packaging and the environment ISO/TC 122/SC 4 Secretariat: SIS
Marking for material identification ISO/TC 122/SC 4/WG 8 Secretariat: SAC
ISO/TC 154 Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration Secretariat: SAC
Automatic identification and data capture techniques ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31 Secretariat: ANSI

Number: 9

European standardization and national mirror committee

CEN/TC 413 Insulated means of transport for temperature sensitive goods with or without cooling and/or heating device Secretariat: DIN
Insulated means of transport for temperature sensitive goods - Equipment CEN/TC 413/WG 1 Secretariat: DIN
EN 16440 - devices CEN/TC 413/WG 2 Secretariat: DIN
CEN/TC 162 Protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets Secretariat: DIN
Visibility clothing and accessories CEN/TC 162/WG 7 Secretariat: DIN
CEN/TC 168 Chains, ropes, webbing, slings and accessories - Safety Secretariat: BSI
CEN/TC 225 AIDC technologies Secretariat: TSE
CEN/TC 261 Packaging Secretariat: AFNOR
Degradability and organic recovery of packaging and packaging materials CEN/TC 261/SC 4/WG 2 Secretariat: DIN
Material recovery CEN/TC 261/SC 4/WG 3 Secretariat: DIN
Energy recovery CEN/TC 261/SC 4/WG 4 Secretariat: SIS
Prevention CEN/TC 261/SC 4/WG 6 Secretariat: SIS
Primary packaging and transport packaging CEN/TC 261/SC 5 Secretariat: BSI
Test methods and test schedules CEN/TC 261/SC 5/WG 14 Secretariat: BSI
Packaging of dangerous goods CEN/TC 261/SC 5/WG 16 Secretariat: BSI
CEN/TC 274 Aircraft ground support equipment Secretariat: DIN
Working Group Revision CEN/TC 274/WG 1 Secretariat: DIN
CEN/TC 296 Tanks for the transport of dangerous goods Secretariat: AFNOR
Electronic equipment and products CEN/TC 296/WG 8 Secretariat: DIN
CEN/TC 320 Transport - Logistics and services Secretariat: NEN
Energy consumption and GHG emissions in relation to transport services CEN/TC 320/WG 10 Secretariat: AFNOR
CEN/TC 331 Postal services Secretariat: NEN

Number: 16

National standardization without European or International counterpart

NA 159 DIN Standards Committee Services
NA 159 DIN Standards Committee Services
NA 132 DIN Standards Committee Shipbuilding and Marine Technology
NA 057 DIN Standards Committee Food and Agricultural Products
NA 075 DIN Standards Committee Personal Protective Equipment
NA 112 DIN Standards Committee Sports Equipment
NA 115 DIN Standards Committee Packaging
NA 115 DIN Standards Committee Packaging