Overview of standardization activities in the field of controls for heat-generating equipment

Number: 2

International standardization and national mirror committee

IEC/TC 72 Automatic controls for household use Secretariat: ANSI
Burner controls and maintenance of 60730-2-5 IEC/TC 72/WG 1
Temperatur and pressure sensing controls and maintenance of 60730-2-6, 60730-2-9, 60730-2-11, 60730-2-12, 60730-2-13, 60730-2-15, 60730-2-16, 60730-2-18 IEC/TC 72/WG 6
Use of electronics in household automatic controls and maintenance of 60730-1 IEC/TC 72/WG 8
Electric actuators and maintenance of 60730-2-14 IEC/TC 72/WG 9
General matters except electronics and maintenance of 60730-1 IEC/TC 72/WG 10

Number: 5

European standardization and national mirror committee

CEN/TC 47 Atomizing oil burners and their components - Function - Safety - Testing Secretariat: DIN
Oil supply systems CEN/TC 47/WG 4 Secretariat: DIN
CEN/TC 235 Gas pressure regulators and associated safety devices for use in gas transmission and distribution Secretariat: UNI
Safety shut-off devices, safety relief devices and small regulators with or without safety devices used in gas transmission and/or distribution. CEN/TC 235/WG 1 Secretariat: UNI
CEN/TC 247 Building Automation, Controls and Building Management Secretariat: SNV
Electronic control equipment for HVAC applications, integrated room automation, controls and management systems CEN/TC 247/WG 6 Secretariat: AFNOR
CLC/TC 72 Automatic electrical controls Secretariat: BSI
Editing Committee CLC/TC 72/WG 04

Number: 0

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