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Neuer Inhalt Dr. Holger Dörr of the DVGW Research Institute, Test Laboratory Gas, at the Engler?Bunte?Institute of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) receives the “Best Practice” prize from Dr. Torsten Bahke, Chairman of DIN’s Executive Board.

DVGW Research Institute awarded DIN “Best Practice” prize

(2015-12-03)  Berlin, 16 November 2015. To demonstrate the benefits of standardization using examples from science, research and practice: this is the purpose of DIN prizes. This year they were presented to the winners at the “Weltfaktor Normung” (Standardization: A global factor) awards ceremony held at Berlin's Museum for Communication. The ceremony was attended by around 300 guests. The “Best Practice” prize, worth €5,000, was awarded to Dr. Holger Dörr of the DVGW Research Institute, test laboratory gas, at the Engler-Bunte-Institute of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for his entry on the current standard DIN EN 16340 “Safety and control devices for burners and appliances burning gaseous or liquid fuels — Combustion product sensing devices”. The use of this standard has a positive effect on the entire appliance sector for burners for gaseous or liquid fuels. The standard also brings numerous advantages for the consumer and helps protect the environment. In his entry on DIN EN ... More 

DIN Press release VDI 3805 - ISO 16757

(2011-12-21)  VDI 3805 is being developed into an International Standard upon the initiative of German specialists. Through their successful cooperation, the VdZ and DIN have been able to increase international awareness of the need for such a standard. The new standard currently under development – ISO 16757 "Product data for building services plant models" – will have the same structure as the well-known VDI 3805 series of guidelines. One of the advantages of internationalization in the building services sector is the cost-efficient implementation of transnational projects. Soon a standard data exchange will be possible among planners, builders and operators working across borders for all stages of the project; in this way, isolated solutions will be avoided. More