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Tanks für die Beförderung gefährlicher Güter - Leitlinien und Empfehlungen für Befüllung, Beförderung und Entladung

Gasfüllanlagen - Notabschaltsysteme bei der Entladung von LNG

Measuring relays and protection equipment -- Part 22-2: Electrical disturbance tests - Electrostatic discharge tests


CEN/TC 296/WG 9

Guideline for loading, transporting and unloading of dangerous liquid goods

Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Guidance and recommendations for loading, transport and unloading

Natural gas fuelling stations - LNG unloading ESD systems


ISO/TC 201/SC 8

Glow discharge spectroscopy

Primary batteries - Part 2: Physical and electrical specifications (IEC 35/1378/CD:2017); Text in German and English


VG 96965-5

Battery charging and analyzing - Part 5: Battery charging and analyzing equipment, detail standard; Text in German and English

EMC IC modelling - Part 6: Models of integrated circuits for Pulse immunity behavioural simulation - Conducted Pulse Immunity (ICIM-CPI) (IEC 47A/1019/CD:2017)