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Standards [CURRENT]

AS 5551

E-health XML secured payload profiles
Edition 2013

Standards [CURRENT]

UNE-EN 1645-2

Leisure accommodation vehicles - Caravans - Part 2: User payload
Edition 2008-11-26

Standards [CURRENT]

PD ISO/TR 19473

Space systems. Best practices for orbit elements at payload. LV separation
Edition 2015-09-30

Standards [CURRENT]

BS ISO 24354

General requirements for the payload interface of civil unmanned aircraft systems
Edition 2023-08-07

Standards [CURRENT]

UNE-EN 1646-2

Leisure accommodation vehicles - Motor caravans - Part 2: User payload
Edition 2008-11-26

Standards [CURRENT]

IEEE 1937.1

IEEE Standard Interface Requirements and Performance Characteristics of Payload Devices in Drones
Edition 2020

Standards [CURRENT]

BS ISO 17689

Space systems. Interface control documents between ground systems, ground support equipment and launch vehicle with payload
Edition 2023-09-06

Standards [CURRENT]

UNE-EN 16860

Railway Applications - Requirements and general principles for securing payload in rail freight transport
Edition 2019-12-18

Standards [CURRENT]

UNE-EN 15723

Railway applications - Closing and locking devices for payload protecting devices against environmental influences - Requirements for durability, operation, indication, maintenance, recycling
Edition 2011-09-07

Standards [CURRENT]


Agricultural trailers - Balanced and semi-m unted trailers - Determination of payload, vertical static load and axle load
Edition 2020-10-23

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