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Standards [CURRENT]

ISO 9897

Freight containers - Container equipment data exchange (CEDEX) - General communication codes
Edition 1997-12

Standards [CURRENT]

BS ISO 9897

Freight containers. Container equipment data exchange (CEDEX). General communication codes
Edition 1998-05-15

Freight containers - Container equipment data exchange (CEDEX) - General communication codes; Technical Corrigendum 1
Edition 2001-06

Agricultural machinery - Solid fertilizer broadcasters and full width distributors - Environmental protection - Part 2: Test methods; German version EN 13739-2:2011, Corrigendum to DIN EN 13739-2:2012-05; German version EN 13739-2:2011/AC:2012
Edition 2013-04

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300348

Intelligent Network (IN) - Physical plane for intelligent network Capability Set 1 (CS1) [ITU-T Q.1215:(1993)]; English version ETS 300348:1994
Edition 1995-04

Draft standard

DIN EN 14803/A1

Waste management - Identification and/or determination of the quantity of waste; German and English version EN 14803:2020/prA1:2024
Edition 2024-01

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300067/A1

Radio equipment and systems (RES) - Radiotelex equipment operating in the maritime MF/HF service - Technical characteristics and methods of measurement; English version ETS 300067:1990/A1:1993
Edition 1994-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300344

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - Signalling System no. 7 - Transaction Capabilities Application Part (TCAP) - Test specification; English version ETS 300344:1994
Edition 1995-01

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 301049

Private Integrated Services Network (PISN) - Specification, functional models and information flows - Circuit-mode multi-rate bearer services [ISO/IEC 11584 (1996) modified]; English version EN 301049 V 1.1.1 (1997.09)
Edition 1998-10

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300074

Videotex presentation layer data syntax transparent data (CEPT-recommendation T/TE 06-03, Edinburgh 1988); english version ETS 300074:1990
Edition 1992-02

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