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Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300348

Intelligent Network (IN) - Physical plane for intelligent network Capability Set 1 (CS1) [ITU-T Q.1215:(1993)]; English version ETS 300348:1994
Edition 1995-04

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN 336

Diameters of drills for minor diameters of tapped threads
Edition 2003-07

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300780

Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (B-ISDN) - Broadband Connection-Oriented Bearer Service (BCOBS) [ITU-T Recommendation F.811 (1996)]; English version ETS 300780:1997
Edition 1998-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300643

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - Overall network aspects and functions - Frame Relaying Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (FR-SSCS) (ITU-T I.365.1:1993); English version ETS 300643:1996
Edition 1996-12

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN ISO 15548-3

Non-destructive testing - Equipment for eddy current examination - Part 3: System characteristics and verification (ISO 15548-3:2008); German version EN ISO 15548-3:2008
Edition 2009-01

Corrigendum to DIN ETS 300405:1995-11 (ETS 300405:1995/Corrigendum:1995)
Edition 1996-05

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300067/A1

Radio equipment and systems (RES) - Radiotelex equipment operating in the maritime MF/HF service - Technical characteristics and methods of measurement; English version ETS 300067:1990/A1:1993
Edition 1994-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300202/A1

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - Call Deflection (CD) supplementary service - Service description; English version 300202:1995/A1:1996
Edition 1997-10

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 1593

Non-destructive testing - Leak testing - Bubble emission techniques; German version EN 1593:1999
Edition 1999-11

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN ETS 300074

Videotex presentation layer data syntax transparent data (CEPT-recommendation T/TE 06-03, Edinburgh 1988); english version ETS 300074:1990
Edition 1992-02

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