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Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 13354

Solid wood panels (SWP) - Bonding quality - Test method; German version EN 13354:2008
Edition 2009-02

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 14713

Adhesives for paper and board, packaging and disposable sanitary products - Determination of friction properties of films potentially suitable for bonding; German version EN 14713:2016
Edition 2016-10

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 14278-1

Textiles - Determination of cotton fibre stickiness - Part 1: Method using a manual thermodetection device; German version EN 14278-1:2004
Edition 2004-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 14278-2

Textiles - Determination of cotton fibre stickiness - Part 2: Method using an automatic thermodetection plate device; German version EN 14278-2:2004
Edition 2004-05

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 314-1

Plywood - Bonding quality - Part 1: Test methods; German version EN 314-1:2004
Edition 2005-03

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN ISO 20863

Footwear - Test methods for stiffeners and toepuffs - Bondability (ISO 20863:2018); German version EN ISO 20863:2018
Edition 2018-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 314-2

Plywood; bonding quality; part 2: requirements; German version EN 314-2:1993
Edition 1993-08

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 2349-318

Aerospace series - Requirements and test procedures for relays and contactors - Part 318: Pick-up voltage at high temperature and drop-out voltage at low temperature; German and English version EN 2349-318:2006
Edition 2007-05

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 26590-2

Packaging; sacks; vocabulary and types; part 2: sacks made from thermoplastic flexible film (ISO 6590-2:1986); german version EN 26590-2:1992
Edition 1993-02

Standards [CURRENT]

DIN EN 12192-2

Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures - Granulometry analysis - Part 2: Test method for fillers for polymer bonding agents; German version EN 12192-2:1999
Edition 1999-07

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