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Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the economy and society in the long term. However, it will only be used successfully across the board if society accepts it. Although companies are increasingly recognizing the opportunities offered by AI, the general public is critical of artificial intelligence due to ethical concerns. Rules and specifications are therefore needed to ensure that ethical values, among other things, are observed and that the technology is designed to be reliable, robust, powerful and secure. They are part of a quality infrastructure consisting of standardization, metrology, testing services, accreditation and certification.


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Implementation projects of the artificial intelligence standardization roadmap

DIN is working with various partners on projects to implement the recommendations for action from the Artificial Intelligence Standardization Roadmap.

The implementation projects are looking at use cases that are typical for the application and relevant to the industry, and which identify standardization requirements for AI-specific applications. With the help of these projects, practical experience is to be gathered in the respective application context, concrete standardization needs are to be derived, and insights into quality and conformity testing are to be gained.

Among the implementation projects, the AI coordination group designates so-called lighthouse projects" on the basis of defined criteria. They are of particular importance in the implementation of the AI standardization roadmap, which is why they enjoy increased attention among standardization stakeholders and are widely visible in industry, research and politics.

Project safe.trAIn

AI-Readiness of Standards

Project Certified AI

Research projects

German research in the field of artificial intelligence is among the world leaders. However, in order to sustainably leverage the potential of artificial intelligence, the innovative research results must also be successfully exploited commercially. As a recognized and trusted means of communication, norms and standards help to provide scientific results with rapid access to the market. The prerequisite for this is that standardization is considered from the very beginning of research projects.

Project IDUNN




Project VIKING

Project KIOptiPack