NA 145

DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials

NA 145-04 FBR
Steering committee Additive Manufacturing

The Steering committee NA 145-04 FBR of the DIN standards committee technology of materials (NWT) coordinates standard activities of the working groups that fall under the jurisdiction of the additive manufacturing section and determines the strategic direction of standardization in this field. It also supports the financing of the international secretariat of ISO/TC 261, WG 2, led by DIN, as well as the ISO/ASTM joint groups led by DIN. NA 145-04 FBR is the German mirror committee of the following technical comittees as well as strategic groups: • ISO/TC 261, JAG and CAG, • CEN/TC 438.


DIN-Normenausschuss Werkstofftechnologie (NWT)

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