NA 145

DIN Standards Committee Technology of Materials

ISO/TC 261/JG 54
Joint ISO/TC 261-ASTM F 42 Group: Fundamentals of Design

ISO/TC261/JG54 is a Joint Group for Design Rules in Additive Manufacturing, developing standards to homogenize the fundamental design-process-material correlations within Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes. Design rules are prescriptive guidelines or explicit constraints that provide an insight into manufacturability during the design and planning process. The design rules contain knowledge and provide both experts and non-experts with a way of making meaningful changes to part geometries without compromising manufacturability, and as a means to constrain a design space, defining the boundaries of a design feature for given processes and material parameters

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 261/JG 54

Committee ID Name
NA 145-04-01 AA Additive Manufacturing - Interdisciplinary topics/Digitalization