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Finalization of work of „preservation of digital cinema” - Cinema Preservation Package available

( 2023-01-05 )  CEN/TC 457 'Digital preservation of cinematographic works' has finalized the work on the “Cinema preservation package” (CPP) which will help to facilitate the digital preservation of cinematographic works, for example digitalized movies. CEN/TC 457 has been created late 2017. The scope of the technical committee included the definition and standardisation of digital long-term archive formats for cinematographic works. This task has been completed with the publication of EN 17650:2022, A framework for digital preservation of cinematographic works - The Cinema Preservation Package; CEN/TR 17862:2022, Guideline for the implementation of the Cinema Preservation Package (CPP) in EN 17650; and a reference software (available on The standard defines methods to describe the relationship of components of the cinematographic work and delivers the syntax to describe the package content. The standard itself defines the structure of the package and ... More