NA 132

DIN Standards Committee Shipbuilding and Marine Technology

Ships and marine technology

Standardization of design, construction, training, structural elements, outfitting parts, equipment, methods and technology, and marine environmental matters, used in shipbuilding, comprising sea-going ships, vessels for inland navigation, offshore structures, ship-to-shore interface, the operation of ships, marine structures subject to IMO requirements, and the observation and exploration of the sea.


  • electrical and electronic equipment on board ships and marine structures (IEC / TC 18 and IEC / TC 80);
  • internal combustion engines (ISO / TC 70);
  • offshore structures for petroleum and natural gas industries, including procedures for assessment of the site specific application of mobile offshore drilling and accommodation units for the petroleum and natural gas industry (ISO / TC 67 / SC 7);
  • steel and aluminum structures (ISO / TC 167);
  • equipment and construction details of recreational craft and other small craft (not being lifeboats and lifesaving equipment) less than 24 metres in overall length (ISO / TC 188);
  • sea bed mining;
  • equipment which is not specific for use on board ships and marine structures (e.g. pipes, steel wire ropes, etc.) and falling within the scope of particular ISO technical committees with which a regular mutual liaison must be maintained.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 8

Committee ID Name
NA 132 BR-01 SO International Standardization (mirror committee for ISO/TC 8 and ISO/TC 188)