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DIN 53160-1
Determination of the colourfastness of articles for common use - Part 1: Test with artificial saliva

Title (German)

Bestimmung der Farblässigkeit von Gebrauchsgegenständen -Teil 1: Prüfung mit Speichelsimulanz


This standard specifies a method of testing the resistance of articles of daily use to artificial saliva. The method is particularly suitable for those articles of daily use that are intended to be taken into the mouth, or for which it can be foreseen that they will, when used, be taken into the mouth or come into contact with the mucous membranes. With this test it is established whether colouring materials can migrate from the articles of daily use to the mouth or to the mucous membranes. This standard does not apply to articles that are intended to come into contact with foodstuffs or to those parts of articles of daily use whose function is the release of colouring materials, or for articles of daily use for which this is the case in their entirety. Examples of the latter are wax crayons and leads of pencil crayons. The test method is applicable to all articles of daily use, independent of the colouring procedure applied (for instance, dyeing, staining, coating). Possible mechanical wear, for example, exposure of a coloured layer after mechanical abrasion of a finishing coat is not taken into account. The following changes have been made with respect to DIN V 53160-1:2002-10: a) the scope has been modified; b) clause "Terms and definitions" has been added; c) clingfilm has been added to clause "Apparatus and materials"; d) the contents have been editorially revised and adapted to the currently valid design rules. This document has been prepared by NPF/NAB Joint Working Group NA 078-00-14-01 GAK "Speichel- und Schweißechtheit" ("Saliva and sweat resistance") of NPF/NAB Working Committee NA 078-00-14 GA "Analysenverfahren für Farbmittel" ("Methods of analysis for colouring materials").

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NA 078-00-03 AA - General test methods for colorants and extenders  

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