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DIN Standards Committee Pigments and Extenders


Dictionary of Coating Materials and Pigments

The 1. edition of the Dictionary of Coating Materials and Pigments — Standard definitions with Translations (Englich-German/German-English) by the authors Dr. Petra Herrmann and Bernd Reinmüller was issued in November 2015 as part of the series "DIN Media Wissen".

This dictionary includes selected terms and definitions from current standards and specifications prepared by the DIN Standards Committees on Coating materials and coatings (NAB) and Pigments and extenders (NPF).

The terms and definitions were taken from standards for coating materials and their raw materials (pigments, extenders, dyestuffs, binders, resins, solvents and additives) as well as the resulting coatings. In addition, several terms and definitions from metrology have been included.

For further information on the dictionary (e.g. sample text) and ordering from DIN Media, please visit the following link:

DIN MEDIA WISSEN  Dictionary of Coating Materials and Pigments