Projects of NA 062-08-17-02 UA

DIN CEN ISO/TS 23302 2022-02-28 Nanotechnologies - Requirements and recommendations for the identification of measurands that characterise nano-objects and materials that contain themn; German version FprCEN ISO/TS 23302:2022 More  Comment 
ISO/AWI TR 18196 2022-02-10 Nanotechnologies - Measurement technique matrix for the characterization of nano-objects More  Comment 
ISO/AWI TS 21356-2 2021-10-12 Nanotechnologies - Structural characterization of graphene - Part 2: Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) grown graphene More  Comment 
ISO/AWI TS 23359 2021-10-12 Nanotechnologies - Chemical characterization of graphene in in powders and suspensions More  Comment 
DIN CEN ISO/TS 21356-1 2021-08-30 Nanotechnologies - Structural characterization of graphene - Part 1: Graphene from powders and dispersions (ISO/TS 21356-1:2021); German version CEN ISO/TS 21356-1:2022 More  Comment 
ISO/WD TS 23361 2021-04-23 Nanotechnologies - Crystallinity of cellulose nanomaterials by powder X-ray diffraction (Ruland-Rietveld analysis) More  Comment 
DIN EN ISO 21362 rev 2021-04-21 Nanotechnologien - Analyse von Nanoobjekten mit Hilfe von Asymmetrischer-Fluss-Feldflussfraktionierung und zentrifugaler Feldflussfraktionierung More  Comment 
ISO/WD TS 19590 2020-11-25 Nanotechnologies - Size distribution and concentration of inorganic nanoparticles in aqueous media via single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry More  Comment 
ISO/WD TS 23878 2020-10-21 Nanotechnologies - Positron annihilation lifetime measurement for nanopore evaluation in materials More  Comment 
ISO/DTS 24672 2020-10-07 Nanotechnologies - Guidance on the measurement of nanoparticle number concentration More  Comment